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Our dedicated library staff, with the help of the Foundation and Friends, has made remarkable progress over the past several years restoring and expanding library services and FY 2020 shapes up as a banner year. (see graphic) Over the first eight months, library visits and circulation expanded so much they approached levels we had not seen in almost a decade. Wareham Library Foundation support has been a major catalyst for this progress, since the Foundation and Friends of the Library are required to Bridge the Gap between town funding and what the library actually requires to operate at full capacity. The gap we are required to fill is about 20% of the library’s operating budget each year. This sustains the essential services that allow us to maintain library certification.

We need your help to "Bridge the Gap" and continue to provide outstanding libriary services to our community -- even during a pandemic!

The world came to a standstill this past spring with the spread of the COVID pandemic, but library did not. Though the physical building has been closed to the public, our staff has been active every day; providing online story hours for children, expanded online book groups, public education via the library’s website and starting this summer, preparing books and materials that patrons can reserve online and pick up curbside at the main library. The library staff has been caring, creative, and most importantly responsive to our community’s needs.

Your philanthropic support is needed more than ever to sustain and grow our vital library services. In the past several years, the Library Foundation has donated over $113,482 and our commitment grows every year as library services expand. We have only been able to accomplish this because of the generosity of donors like you.

Please make your donation today!


The Wareham Library Foundation recently donated $24,000 to the Town of Wareham to offset the Wareham Library Director's salary. This is the third consecutive year the Foundation has done so. We believe in the importance of a strong Library Director; consequently, in the current fiscal difficulties the Town is experiencing, we have helped to support the Director's salary.

In addition, the Foundation donated $5000 to the Town for the Library to purchase books and materials. The Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners requires a certain percentage of library funding to be spend on books and materials in order to qualify for certification.

The Library was decertified three years ago because it could not meet the other requirements of the Library Commission. However, thanks to the hard work over the past three years of our out-going Library Director, Michael Carlozzi, we look forward to becoming recertified this Fall.

Wareham Library Foundation - Bridge the Gap Fundraising Information

Each year the Friends ask for donations to support their early literacy program, Dolly Parton's Imagination Library. This worldwide initiative has registered more than one million children ages 0 to 5 years old to participate in a program that provides one free book mailed each month to its members.  To date, the Friends have registered 340 Wareham children and 106 of them have graduated when they turned 5. 
This year, with the COVID-19 pandemic, we believe our program is more important than ever. While the Library is providing curb service, children are not able to visit the Library as they have in the past. So   making sure our young ones receive books at home through the Imagination Library is a great way to keep books in their hands!  Here is one mother’s comment. One of her children has graduated from the program, but two still participate, including her youngest born in May. Kelly C states:
My kids absolutely love getting books in the mail every month through the Imagination Library program.  Dolly sends out really incredible books: books celebrating diversity, traditions, self acceptance and inclusion, books that take place in a multitude of settings and with many different relationship dynamics explored.  I truly can't express the value of the worlds that the Imagination Library books allow my children to gaze into, especially during such an isolating time in our lives. 

We are so pleased to see that this early literacy program is such a great success, and we plan to continue it in 2021. But to do so, we must raise another $25 for each child that is already registered, as well as raise funds for our new registrants. So,please consider sponsoring one or more children. 

To do so, make your check to Friends of the WFL along with your name, mailing address, and email to:
Friends of the Wareham Free Library
P.O. Box 735
Wareham, MA 02571